1. A foreign national who is living without authorization in a country of which they are not a citizen.
    This past week in Connecticut a woman, Nury Chavarria, who was supposed to be deported Thursday to Guatemala, has taken sanctuary in a city church.Pastor Hector Otero of Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal in Fair Haven has opened his facility for Chavarria, who was scheduled to depart from Newark Airport this evening, leaving behind her four U.S. citizen children, who range in age from 9 to 21.

    This has caused a multitude of politicians and religious leaders to come forward to support her in her plight.

    But what many fail to understand is that the woman has been in this country for a quarter of a century and made only one ill attempt to become a citizen. When she was denied and asked to leave, she remained; stayed in this country illegally knowing fully that she was breaking the law. Now she has broken another law defying the order to vacate this country for her native Guatemala. Her argument is that she doesn’t wish to be separated from her children.

    The main point is that as an illegal alien she may not enjoy the protection of the United States Constitution because she isn’t a citizen. Further Senators Murphy, Blumenthal, Representative DeLauro, Governor Malloy and the many religious leaders have taken up her cause saying that she hasn’t broken laws, paid taxes and never was arrested so she has the right to stay. Unfortunately, this is misinformation, as she is illegal she has no Social Security card and thus, cannot pay taxes. She has in fact broken three laws and she hasn’t been arrested yet but she is subject to arrest as soon as she leave the church that has offered her asylum. She and her children have been on social welfare programs in the state and has been a draw on legal taxpayers money.

    Nowhere in the constitution does it say if you are a good illegal alien you may stay and further these politicians who are supporting her are in fact breaking laws and their oaths to protect the constitution and our laws in favor of a criminal.

    They should all have advised her to leave and work on coming back on a legal basis not tell her that she should be able to stay because she has children here bringing up another important point. Should the children of an illegal alien be granted United States citizenship simply because they were born in this country even if the basis for their birth in this country is false? In my opinion it should not.

    In Mondays posting I will relate the Constitutional basis for being a United States citizen based on being born here, the subject of natural born parents and what this means for this woman and her children case.

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