Senators Susan Collins, John McCain and Lisa Murkowski crossed the party line to prevent the repeal of Obama care last night leaving an already failing healthcare bill to flounder and die at a later date.

But what is important here is that the Senate has proved once again that they are not willing or able to pass any meaningful legislation and further, waste time and taxpayer money having sessions that produce nothing for the American people to benefit by.

This brings up the most important point, all of these same Senators are not subject to having to deal with the insurance, medical or prescription issues that we do because they have an outstanding plan paid for by our dime.

This while they draw ridiculous salaries for doing alleged public service that amounts to nothing.

When are we, The People, going to rein in these ill performing public servants and kick them all to the curb?

None of them are forced to live at the same level as we do, more accurately, they live like Kings and Queens while the majority of “Their Bosses” suffer and allow them to rule their lives.

Perhaps if these same folks were forced to live within their means as we do they’d understand and do a better job.

One thing is sure, as managers we have allowed our imbecile employees the keys to the castle; they most willingly have taken them and are the only ones who are reaping benefits.

Apparently we have become so complacent that we are willing to allow a group of consummate villains to rob us blind while feigning tears saying they cry and feel for their constituents (Schumer Tears, Most Comical) on a daily basis while stalling any progress at the jobs they were elected to do.

As public servants which is what they are alleged to be, they are total failures and as employees trusted to do what we ask they have betrayed our trust. FIRE THEM, vote out the incumbents in 2018, demand term limits of two terms for life and take back the managers seat now before it’s too late!


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