The current rash of the removal of historic statues, monuments and icons in the name of political correctness has hit a fever pitch.
Noteworthy is that the towns in which these many important historic relics are located democrats are in power.
One has to wonder why these same people who attest to be the servants of the people go against the wants of the many in favor of the whining of the few.
Never before in history have we seen such destruction in the name of making a minority group happy over the loss of history to the majority and future generations of Americans.
In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s both Union and Confederate American soldiers marched together
in parades and inaugural events as brothers, veterans of a war that claimed more American lives then any before or after as almost all casualties were Americans.
Now we have a group of current, spineless politicians who couldn’t put enough pressure sitting on their asses to pass decent gas saying these same, important, historic relics and monuments are hurtful and have no place in the locations where they were originally placed and dedicated.
To this I say bullshit! Any person who is whining over a monument placed with respect and in memory of any American veteran who fell in the name of and defense of this country deserve to have their monuments left intact and further, cared for and protected for ever.
They earned it with their limbs, their blood and their lives.
Not many of the current crop of whining ultra sensitive babies have served anything but themselves and their own whims as have most of the alleged public servants who claim to be working in their constituents best interest.
Clearly, these career politicians need a dose of come upance!
Vote against those who wish to censor history! If not, expect book burning and censorship in the areas of free speech much like the Nazis during the rise of National Socialism.
Demand your pubic servants serve, not rule!
Don’t sit still when a politician acts against your own and other citizens demands for if you do, you’re telling them it’s ok for them to make important decisions for you giving them unlimited power to rule your lives, tell you how to act, how to raise your children, what you can or can’t do with your life, your liberty and your happiness.
And finally remember that we need these monuments if for nothing more than to remind us that freedom and liberty aren’t free! Many great, noble souls gave everything in defense of those things you are allowing to slip through your hands. To do so is dishonoring all those great Americans and the sacrifice they made so you could enjoy the very rights you are allowing to be taken from you.
Any people who believes that these monuments are not important and should be removed because they are hurtful are not worthy of the freedoms those who died left them.
Wake up people, we are all Americans first; we are all beholden to our Constitution and our country not self-serving parties and career politicians.

Vote out the incumbents and demand term limits!



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