Very interesting! The NAACP has issued a travel ban on the state of Missouri.
First of all, what authority does this organization have to issue travel bans and further as a not for profit, how have they flown under the radar with regard to its injecting itself into political and legal matters.
In my opinion, the government should be inquiring why they are dictating policy when they have a status similar to a charity or church. Something to ponder, I’m sure the administration will be investigating this as well.

 With the undercurrent of racial divide in this country, one would think that organizations like this and BLM would fade out, removing any doubt that we truly wish to be equal in this country.
Not the case, unfortunately Political Correctness has fanned the flames of racial divide further and further to a point where now, assaults and even murders are taking place in the name of racial equality.
To be truly equal, organizations such as the NAACP, BLM, KKK, UNCF and the Congressional Black Caucus should be a thing of the past. People should be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character as Dr. King said in his great speech.
Having educational institutions choose a candidate for admissions to a university should be based on academic acumen not the color of ones skin or a candidates religion.
Until the scales are level and we understand and agree that we are all Americans only, not African American, Mexican American or some other tag or title then the chasm of divide will remain and grow yet stronger until a breaking point is reached.
It is sad that we have come so far and suffered so much loss during the Civil War 152 years ago and still haven’t lived up to our creed that all are equal. Will it take yet another Civl conflict to bring us back to our senses? Something we should all consider seriously.

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