It occurred to me today the extent our elected public servants will go to hold onto “The Job”.

That in itself is enough to make one cringe, “Public Service” construed as “The Job”.

Recently we have been witness to John McCain suffering with an inoperable brain tumor still going in to vote on matters of state when his mental state could be called into question.

Clearly, in speeches he has shown that he struggles with words, completing sentences and seems to have difficulty with comprehension.

This brings up a most important issue, at what time do we, as the people demand that our elected members, not capable of performing their duties as a public servant, step down?

My observations over the years have seen incompetent people at every level from the United States Congress to a State Representative suffering from old age, debilitating disease or injury that called their lucidity into question, being left to make important decisions when they should be under a doctors care.

Certainly there have been many examples of this from Strohm Thurmond and Ted Kennedy now to John McCain.

One must remember that “The Job” is not actually a job but a Public Service position that was never meant to be a lifetime career however, the current group in congress have set themselves up to hold their position for as long as they see fit regardless of whether the are mentally or physically able to do so.

This brings up the conversation of term limits. Why do we have an open tenure for Congress Members? Even the highest position in the land, POTUS is limited to two terms. And why? Because Franklin Roosevelt held on to his position far longer than he should have and died of his malady before he could finish the job.

So, why do we as “The Bosses” of our public service electorate allow incompetent people to continue to make decisions of state when they are clearly unable to?

Recently Mr. McCain voted on an important piece of legislation but before and after the vote he said very little. Could this be because he is having issues retaining a thought he wished to put forth? And while its clear that he has had issue with his words while speaking publically, nobody seems to be concerned that perhaps he in not able to make a decision of this type and further, the stress involved in the job might cause his condition to deteriorate that much faster.

No, this has been happening for many years and will continue to happen as long as we are complacent and allow it to be so.

Mr. McCain likely knew of his malady for some time and he has no intention of stepping down to a healthier individual making me wonder what the citizens of Arizona are thinking?

I think Mr. McCain’s case is another supporting term limits and further, legislation that anyone with a terminal disease must step down if their abilities are limited.

Public service should be accomplished by people who can actually perform it and they should leave if they are unable or when a limited, set term has expired.

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