Well, well, well, appears our brothers in the great white north aren’t all that interested in receiving the “immigrants?” from New York.

It was reported this morning that illegal aliens are flooding the Canadian boarder at an alarming rate and the RCMP, Provincial Police and in some cases military troops are being used to turn them back.

But what is more interesting is that it displays supporting data to what the current administration has been saying all along. Without Strong Boarders we cannot have any logical Immigration policy.

Though some have argued that it’s inhumane to turn people who came here illegally back to their countries, clearly our neighbors to our north and south disagree.

Mexico has a stout boarder with their southern neighbor, Guatemala and Canada has similar boarder with the United States, hence the halting of illegal entry into their country from ours by people who shouldn’t be here either.

Further, all of the other countries that 27% of liberal Americans call “Progressive” or “Enlightened” for their Gun Control Policies, Health Care and more, have policies that run in direct opposition to the idea of “No Boarders” policy and also, allowing millions of criminals to remain after breaking several laws to be here without becoming citizens.

There are many issues facing this country but this one is likely the easiest to bring under control.

The current POTUS IS building the wall, he’s looking at how to deal with the problem that we have had for decades going unchecked because past presidents were too cowardly or lacked the resolve to make a decision and stick by it.

Make no mistake about it, the existing policy if enforced would have checked the unfettered access by criminals to our country but again, past presidents hadn’t the spine to call for increased enforcement.

And make no mistake about it; these people became criminals the moment they crossed into our country illegally,

They continued to commit crimes by not leaving when called upon to do so and finally, cost the American taxpayers $54,000,000,000.00 (yes that’s BILLION) a year.

So, here we have it folks, 13.7 million illegal aliens are here living off our taxpayer dollars.

Consider how many programs for educating our children, supporting our elderly and veterans could be partially funded by money that is being handed over to people who crossed into our country to have children in hopes of remaining and taking advantage of our country and us. Something to ponder very closely!


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