Boy oh Boy,

Got to love the stupid media.

Yesterday they were whining about the POTUS’s threat of attack on North Korea. Oh No! He’ll start a nuclear war! The end of the world is staring us in the face!

They interviewed political sources on the left who said, “In a war with North Korea, the United States would lose!”

Today they are saying, “Look, Trump picked on Obama for drawing a red line in the sand and North Korea ignored it! Now, he draws a line and does nothing to back it up!”

Clearly they got that bite from Trump opponents but what is really interesting is that one minute they are terrified by the prospect of a looming war, 24 hours later they are telling the POTUS he hasn’t the balls to back it up!

I listened to a fellow from the Daily Caller the other day and he made some very good points about the media of which he himself is a part.

He said that the media NEEDS a catastrophe or eminent danger to report on. They NEED to terrorize people to get their attention. Its p[art of the job description. Further when he went to the New York Times for a job and realized that he was being told he had to report not the truth but what their agenda was even if it was completely false. This included lying for the paper in order to keep the job and even throwing himself under a bus for the paper if he was caught peddling their lies.

Remember when in the 70’s when it was the population problem?

It was being reported that the population issue would cause widespread famine and places like the United Kingdom would disappear from starvation before the year 2000!

The late 70’s changed to fossil fuel, they reported there was so little oil that we would be crushed by not having petroleum! How will people get to work, heat their homes?!

The 80’s, saw it revert to air quality, the world will have un-breathable air by the new millennia!

Moving on to telling seniors in the United States that Social Security Benefits would end in two years, you old people better have a mind to die before that dark day arrives!

Today we have the media running with the story about climate change, that we are witnessing the world dying before our eyes. This after they realized that calling it Global Warming wouldn’t work because we actually experienced a couple years of colder than normal temperatures including this year which will go down as one of the colder and wetter we’ve experienced in recent memory. And so on and on and on it goes. Terror being peddled not for emergency or journalistic integrity purposes but for market share and support of the agenda of the media outlet and its political candidates.

The point being that the media would cease to exist if they didn’t have some imminent disaster to report on and that journalism is now scare spin. The ice is melting! The world will end being hit by a meteor! The world will sink into the ocean, and a pandemic will hit and cause mass death to millions!

The current media outlets will lie to present a story for market share even though it knows it may get caught, the reason comes down to risk versus reward. If the risk is high, then we must assume that the reward will be equally high. So, assess the risk, see if you have the testicles to take that risk for a possible windfall knowing fully that it might destroy you. Dan Rather and Brian Williams are excellent examples of so called Journalists that lied, got caught and were thrown under a bus taking it for the home team. The later most recently was quoted as saying “Our job is to scare people to death over subjects like North Korea.

They aren’t completely gone but they might just as well get a job at Wendy’s and enjoy a bit of celebrity, albeit negative; of course they’d at least they’d get recognized.

Also, that recent CNN firing of three management level employees was a complete copy of the Nazi idea that if you sacrifice one or more of your own, you will look like one of the good guys! Sorry, its in the history books and some Americans still can read when absolutely necessary, perhaps begrudgingly.

So to the media, the people have assessed your acumen, your intent and your integrity and sadly you are not even worth hearing or reading for comic relief. Soon we’ll not believe anything you have to say.

Now, lets all read the Enquirer, at least its far more amusing and fun spirited than their hateful, terror laden “Journalism”. Good luck flipping burgers in your forced retirement.


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