As usual the CBS morning show showed its true colors as an ultra left spin-doctor for the socialist elitist party.

In a conversation with Attorney General Jeff Sessions Charlie Rose continually grilled Sessions on the presidents stand on hate groups and further, neo-Nazi types.

Sessions repeated, “Of course the POTUS doesn’t condone the violence we saw at this rally.”

This caused Rose to ask the question over and over again to the point of interrupting the AG as he spoke.

Then when he wasn’t satisfied with the AG’s answers he started on whether a statue of Robert E. Lee should be taken down in Alabama to which, AG Sessions stated, “It is up to the state of Alabama to decide what to do about monuments in their state.” Again, not satisfied that he got what he wanted, Rose went on a repetitious rant trying to get the AG to state that he was either for or against it.

This is what the media has become, a group of radical spin doctors supporting their stations and candidate’s agenda’s.

In my personal opinion, it’s wrong to remove any statue or monument with regard to our history and further, Robert E. Lee was the greatest General this country EVER produced at West Point. What many of these same politically correct fools don’t seem to know is that he was the greatest General for the UNION! That’s right folks; Lee was a Union General until his state decided to go with the Confederacy.

At that point he did what most everybody (except perhaps Rose) would do, he went with his state and resigned his commission with the Union.

The fact is, in an attempt to be politically correct by removing historically significant monuments and statues we are no better than the Nazi’s burning books in the infancy of the National Socialist movement.

Now we have members of a similar mindset trying to do the same thing in our country thinking it right because it’s politically correct.

What many also don’t seem to realize that our constitution allows for anybody regardless of beliefs to peacefully protest and all have the right to follow whatever political path they choose.

That is not to say what the 20 year old self described White Supremist did is right, it isn’t, the act he committed is one of terror however, in this country it is perfectly legal for any group, Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist or even Nazi to have peaceful protests.

What is interesting is that in most cases it’s the politically correct group that resorts to violence when attending in a counter protest and the violence erupts as a result.

When we finally get past the Socialist driven political correctness in this country we may actually be able to close the racial divide and begin to think as one, as Americans. Until that time, we will continue to see this kind of violence and if we aren’t careful the lessons learned from our civil war will never be realized. Perhaps the best reason to keep our monuments intact. Lest we forget


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