Right after stating the Political Correctness is out of control comes this latest item.
Instagam is introducing a “TOOL” that will remove conversations that it deems insensitive or mean spirited and promote those it deems positive and for the better good of those using the service.
I just deleted my Instagram account and suggest everyone else do so as well.
The fact that Instagram is owned by the Facebook people shows that Mr. Zuckerberg is also a Socialist, Politically Correct fellow.
Here comes censorship people and guess what, even the Socialist Charlie Rose admitted it sounded like the service is trying to censor free speech! Well Rose for once, we agree on something.
If Instagram wants to censor what it feels are bad comment and support and promote what it feels are good comments, they are against the whole premise of the first amendment and are in violation of that same amendment..
So, they already have started dismantling the Second, attacked the Eighth and Fourteenth amendments, now they are coming for the first.
No surprise that Rose is so worried, means our boy and those like him may be on their was out.

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