I was recently queried about the story that Congress members kids were exempt from paying student loans.

I was told that alleged news checking sources like Fact Checker and Snope’s stated that this was a hoax.

Well, it’s not a hoax and it was easy to prove.

I checked the United States Budget Report for last fiscal year and it showed $82,000,000.00 dollars in expenditures for “Federal Employee” student loan relief.
As the ranking Federal Employee’s, Congress members have the first opportunity at student loan relief.
Fact Checker, Snopes and other so called unbiased fact checking sites cannot be trusted.
This is a reflection of the “Fake News” our POTUS speaks of on an almost daily basis.
It’s true.

This brings up another point that I have been making for years, we as a people are too complacent, too lazy to even check on what our elected public servants are doing in the offices we entrust to them.

They consistently allow themselves perks and benefits that are far above what the average American citizen will enjoy. Why? What makes them “entitled” to better health care, better benefits, higher salaries without performing their duties?  Why should they enjoy full salary and insurance for life after only one term in office?

This country was based on the premise that WE are in charge, not them. Clearly they disagree and fancy themselves rulers. This is indicated by the constant attempts at removing the Second Amendment which allows us arms to prevent a hostile government from ever ruling us as the British King did. They have made attempts at censoring the First Amendment in an effort to control what information is being fed to a clueless electorate.

Finally, they decide when they will show up to vote on any legislation, absent if they feel is not partisan. It is NOT their choice when they should attend session, it is NOT their party that is in charge and it is NOT what we elected them to do. Their FIRST duty is to the people and we have let them get away with this for far too long.

In the private sector, one would be dismissed from their job very quickly by performing to the standard our congress members seem to think is acceptable.

They have put themselves above the law being able to insider trade, a twenty year sentence for an average American, they are immune to prosecution for sexual harassment and crimes that beggar the imagination.

There has been talk of a new Amendment to the constitution demanding that Congress members be held to the same laws and benefits as we the people, their boss’s are and its high time we take control of this situation before they vote themselves into the positions of rulers. It’s still our country…..at least for now.

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