In an effort to “Round Up” all the Confederate Statues in the United States, CNN has offered a map of 1500 for would be anarchists to lessen the difficulty of finding and destroying them.
Likewise that have posted a map with all the locations of whom they deem as hate groups! To make it easier to “Cleanse” you towns.
Thank you CNN for all your help in bringing National Socialism to our country and inciting yet more violence and destruction in the name of the Politically Correct.
Further, thank you for taking an active role in an anarchistic move to cause attacks on groups that you disagree with!
One note must be considered, if we are to tear down any monument to the past, then we must tear down ALL monuments in order to be truly equal.
Since the tearing down of Civil War historical monuments, there has been an increase in the tearing down of monuments with what we used to think were of utmost importance.
CNN also reported in a small, obscure location that a Boston Holocaust memorial was destroyed by a 17 year old who allegedly got the idea from? You guessed it, THE MEDIA!
Yes, thanks to the media we have people now attacking monuments to the victims of the Nazi’s and National Socialism!
This is a bit ironic because we have the same type of people today trying to censor history on news, cleanse society, destroy the past and kill off anyone who opposes them.
To CNN I say, be careful what you wish for, many of those people who oppose you and those like you are watching and they know full well what your aim is.
To the current administration, Mr. POTUS, you now have sufficient evidence that CNN is only posing as a news outlet, their main intent is anarchy and the destruction of anything they disagree with, its unconstitutional and its also a crime.
I believe its time we hold the media LEGALLY responsible for any and all crimes committed due to media interference with the running of our country and civilly for any damages done in their name.

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