More Politically Correct Madness!

Its being suggested that Yawkey Way, The iconic short street so named For Bob Yawkey in front of Fenway park is now under attack.
Apparently, this after David Price complained that he heard fans in the stands using racially insensitive chants!
Its entirely understandable, to quote Bill Speros, “David Price, who apparently is both racially oppressed and the recipient of the richest contract in Boston sports history, claims he heard racist taunts last year while warming up in the bullpen at Fenway. The next time Price warms up at the ballpark, the profanity and vitriol directed his way will be 100-percent performance- and personality-based. Guaranteed!”
Yes, now BaseBall’s Elite are Repressed, Oppressed and Depressed over the “Deplorable” racially divided state Boston is in.
It’s getting so the Liberal Elitists want this country to have no semblance of itself at all. No history, no art, no independent thought, nothing that symbolizes what this country is all about.
Folks, this is nothing more than a spoiled, overly paid player taking advantage of the current state of racial divide to take away from his lousy performance but it does reflect the mindset of the so call racially sensitive, politically correct, socialist elite’s who want nothing more that to keep those they’ve fooled, brainwashed and those who know better at a safe distance.
If Fenway cave’s, which looks as though it is, then they just set the game back to the likes of when Jackie Robinson broke into the sport. I suppose what goes around goes out but anyone with any bit of common sense MUST see what this is all about.
Perhaps as a friend said yesterday, we must “evolve” from where we are.
So be it, we can take out the Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson memorials to use for parking space sadly lacking in DC. The memorials to our war dead, Dr. King, hell, turn Arlington into a golf course.
We can remove all the memorials to those who died on 911 in New York because parking and real estate there is at a premium and we could certainly profit by it.
Destroy museums and art galleries because who really cares about art and demand our colleges teach our young minds to assimilate into the politically correct, zombie like state, following only the voice of the elite socialist, learning nothing because independent thought isn’t allowable and certainly, thinking anything not politically correct cannot be tolerated.
Bring back full frontal lobotomies for those who don’t or won’t assimilate because they can’t be controlled.
And there you have The Evolved New World! Do you like it?
Hope you do because if you don’t, you will not be tolerated!
Oh, I forgot, this all started because of an alleged lack of tolerance.

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