This morning President Trump stated that the Dream Act, signed into law by Mr. Obama through executive order was unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

He went further to say that if this was something that was meant to be permanent it should have been addressed by congress not just allowed to continue indefinitely which is what has happened with this act and many from the last administration.

“Perhaps the best way to handle this would be to have these young people go into a program where they join the Armed services of the United States and be offered a deal wherein, they serve their tour, receive an education through the branch that they serve and leave with an honorable discharge, degree and Citizenship”.

This drew the immediate ire of those who feel that they should be allowed to just come in, stay, protest and take advantage of our country at will.

What is amusing is that the group that picketed the White House numbered just over 30 people which indicates that these same people who claim they want to be allowed to stay, don’t have the character or conviction to show up in support of this act and their alleged rights as illegal aliens.


In pondering the Presidents idea on the issue it dawned on me that his solution is quite brilliant. Young people who in many cases come from broken homes, naturally through no fault of their own, are here and a burden on the taxpayer of the country.

By requiring service in our military, these same young people would learn responsibility, learn the meaning of being a citizen, would have served their new future country, been given an education that would prepare them for going into the “New World” as contributing members of society and would receive their citizenship instantly upon successfully completing the program.

Taxpayer money would be being spent on a completely positive result and no taxing the populous for young people who might not succeed on their own.

One thing is certain, the population paying taxes and working in this country would be better served if these same young people would come into the country legally, offering some benefit to their neighbors and society instead of simply wanting to stay because they want to, offering nothing to this country in return.

In my mother’s family, my uncles were Canadian citizens and when they came to this country, they entered the armed forces, United States Army Airborne, served full tours and became citizens after they returned. They gave of their time to their new home and there is no reason why these young people shouldn’t do the same.

Perhaps the powers that be should consider some of the ideas our new POTUS has presented with an open mind instead of a partisan malice. Clearly, this idea has merit and for those young people to say it’s unfair and demand free reign indicates that these are likely not people we want or need in America after all.


One Mans Opinion



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