IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde today stated that she felt that President Trump’s speech before the United Nations was primarily rhetoric and was reckless.

She claims to have been in Korea and seen what they face in that country and that the speech did nothing but inflame the problems they are experiencing.

“I’m not particularly interested in rhetoric’s. I’m far more interesting in the realities,” she said.

This is most interesting when one considers this woman “realities” include being successfully prosecuted for Crimes in France. The Cour de Justice de la République, a French court that considers cases against current and former government ministers, found Ms. Lagarde guilty of criminal charges linked to the misuse of public funds when she was France’s finance minister nearly a decade ago. But the court did not impose a fine or a sentence.

The mere fact that she is still the Managing Director of the IMF or International Monetary Fund makes one wonder if the IMF is inept or a bundle of thieves. It also calls to question why CBS seems to have been so enthralled by her presence and seemed to Charm the celebrated socialist Charlie Rose who couldn’t seem to get enough of her. Guess like minds stick together.

Here we have CBS again interviewing people of questionable character who are giving opinions on the performance of a sitting president! To what end?

I think that if CBS is feverishly searching for any possible issues with the POTUS and they should at least ask questions of someone who actually knows how this country is run; stop bringing in low level heads of organizations that have nothing to do with the the United States except for trying to inject their own politics or agenda.

Clearly, this visit was turned into a POTUS bashing event for the CBS morning dregs and they continually do things of this nature to try and make up negative press about our president. In my opinion, Ms. Lagarde would be better served trying to improve the lot of her French compatriots perhaps by replacing the “Mis-Handled” funds that disappeared on her watch or maybe doing some community service to atone for her mis-deeds.

Either way, we do not need people of different countries coming here to critique the performance of our President especially when they have issues of their own that should be dealt with. Many of a highly questionable nature.

Ms. Lagarde would have had more credibility if she resigned from the IMF and the IMF, if they removed her if she refused to go. Perhaps she used some trump card to keep her planted at the Helm of the IMF but one wonders what the next mis-step will be taken by this woman and how far she will continue mis-stepping before they actually do something about it?

Again, one mans opinion





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