The recent investigation into Harvey Weinstein has brought out some interesting bedfellows. No pun intended.

It seems that Mr. Weinstein was the darling of the political liberal elite for many years and had donated time, parties, and venues for fund raising events along with substantial donations of his own to many liberal candidates most notably Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

Interesting that these same former political animals have come out against their once generous benefactor claiming to be shocked or appalled by his behavior and these allegations. Makes sense most people hearing them along with the tape obtained by wiring a young model and sending the fledgling model and actress back to Weinstein’s apartment for another round of abuse albeit with the ear of the authorities along for the ride.

This same model had wished to file charges against Mr. Weinstein but the New York District Attorney said there wasn’t the evidence needed to obtain an indictment.

Now we have many similar cases coming to light about Mr. Weinstein’s illegal sexually deviant, extra curricular activities which has brought out a call for investigations.

Some high powered women in the acting industry are telling their own stories about Mr. Weinstein. Strange that these same woman of power never brought allegations against this sexual deviant while they were clawing their way to the top of the acting profession making one question the reason.

We have to wonder how many times Mr. Weinstein was protected because of his status as a rich, generous producer and further, why those who profited by him and are now back peddling haven’t returned that tainted money or at least donated it to Shelters for Victims of Sexual Abuse?

Perhaps Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton knew all along that Mr. Weinstein was prone to this type of behavior, maybe even protecting him at one time or another. What IS clear is that neither of these now “Appalled” former politicians who have disowned Mr. Weinstein have offered to return the money they accepted for their campaigns which make their outrage questionable at best.

Finally, as the investigation gets traction and the multitudes of alleged victims come forward it will be interesting to see how far those once protective authorities will go to prosecute this man who used his power, money and political connections for ill purposes.

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