This afternoon I was unfortunate enough to be listening to the local Connecticut News and heard a report that Newington high school was allowing the students to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem!

I found this very disturbing being a tax payer who’s taxes help pay the salaries for these Agenda pushing Socialist teachers and support the spineless school administrators who allow instructors to teach a student to disrespect this country and further think that the teachers in question should be called out to identify what their political leanings are doing in the teaching program of our children.

I suspect if the powers that be in the town were to be told that every person who disagrees with this policy would withhold taxes or at the very least funding for those schools that believe our children need to be programmed as socialists, they’d find their balls and stop this bullshit.

In my opinion, if an illiterate, dumbass, NFL player wants to take a knee, so be it, we will simply boycott the NFL and let them suck eggs for those exorbitant salaries they expect. The actions clearly expose the stupidity behind the NFL and the actions of its players who’ve obviously took to many hits to the head if they think they are oppressed whilst making millions.

But our children are not a canvas for the development of new mini socialist progressives as they favor being called. Our children are there to learn not become a social experiment in brainwashing.

Please let this school and those like it know that they’re NOT doing the job we expect and keep in mind the majority does not agree or pander to such actions by anyone.

If these teachers, faculty and others who are entrusted to shape our kids young minds don’t think this country is worthy of respect, they can go to work for North Korea, Cuba, Iran or any other of the many rogue or communist states that hate us for our way of life! But beware; those countries unlike our wonderful country will not hesitate to take violent action if you try to teach something against the state.

Perhaps the problem here is that these same socialist wanna-bee’s never had to defend the rights they so easily stomp all over with their lives and should spend a little time in a boot camp or forward position to “Learn” what it costs to have the rights they so detest. If I weren’t a college-educated person, I’d call them “SCUMBAGS!” But as I am, I’ll simply say, Inept, socialist, dumbasses all!


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