Much like the gun control hysteria, the opioid “crisis” has become the latest in a long line of knee jerk reaction/political pandering moves by our elected public servants.
Based on the current rates of opioid overdoses, our inept public servants have legislated against the use of any opioid based, pain medication which ONLY effects those of us who go to doctors and receive medication for legitimate purposes and pain management situations.
Currently, it is illegal for doctors to prescribe more than ten tablets of any opioid medication to anyone needing the medication for the purpose of killing legitimate pain.
Further, the laws being passed as with their gun control laws ONLY prevent legal, innocent people with legitimate pain from obtaining prescription medication containing opioids.
And again, like gun control laws base this urgent need on trying to prevent people who are illegally abusing these medications for the purpose of getting high obtaining them.
This means that people with diseases like cancer, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome will have to get out of their beds every five days and visit a physicians office to get medication or be placed inpatient at a hospital in order to deal with pain management situations.
This is absurd, public servants in their attempts to appear that they care and are working on issues produce legislation time and again that does NOT help the average, law abiding citizen but endeavors to prevent illegal activity at the expense of those who obey the law.
Consider this, if you or a family member get a disease with considerable pain, the likelihood of your being able to be home with your family has now been significantly reduced by current legislation.
Further, the possibility of people at end of life will not be able to consider the option of passing in their own home with loved ones but be relegated to a hospital facility with strangers. Not what I and many would wish when our time comes.
Our public servants continue to run amok at the expense of those who employ them. Letting it continue makes no sense at all.

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