Recently in the news, we have been witness to a rash of sexual abuse scandals in Hollywood over movie stars and producers alike, committing sexually deviant acts toward various other folks in that industry. Greats like Cosby, Weinstein and now even Spacey and Hoffman have had stories describing sexually unsavory behavior and possibly, charges of rape and forced sexual acts disclosed to the public.

What is surprising is the extent with which the charges and accusations have been developing and flying about and further, that all of these alleged “Progressive’s” would make the Marquis de Sade look like a Cub Scout.

Likewise, all these same “Beautiful People” are up to their eyeballs in support for the DNC and the socialist agenda in Washington.

Many politicians including Hillary Clinton regularly and, most willingly take money from these same people embracing them with open arms and drooling at the chance to be seen among them or have them campaign for their political gain.

It’s really not a surprise to anyone who knows anything about show business. The idea that this has just started happening in Hollywood is absurd and the political animals who pal around with and take donations from these same deviant persons are just as bad as those they so desperately wish to be associated with.

So, what does this say for those same politicians? Clinton openly said she was aghast by the allegations against her one time friend Weinstein but also came out stating flatly that she wouldn’t think of returning the money that Mr. Weinstein donated to her.

Further, many of these same politicians who’ve received great sums of money from movie stars, producers and directors have done so at the expense of those being abused and those they took an oath to serve and protect.

Aghast is a perfect word as is deplorable and both were Ms. Clinton’s words at one time or another. However it’s pretty clear that the people that those comments should have been directed at were she, her Hollywood associates and progressives in general.

In a world so fond of labels and tags we have a group whom, for the purpose of appearing as though they are the enlightened ones, the beautiful ones, the right ones coming out as being the corrupt ones, the contemptuous ones and the deviant ones.

Something to think about the next time you vote or the next time a group of Hollywood Progressives say, “they are boycotting making films”. We don’t need those types of politicians and we certainly don’t need the films or propaganda peddled by a group of Hippocrates who commit heinous crimes with impunity and think they’re above it all. They aren’t that good and we aren’t that naïve!


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