Last night at UCONN, Lucien Wintrich who was invited to speak was arrested for Breech of Peace for speaking about “Its Ok to be White”

Curious, as soon as someone other than those of color show pride in their heritage they are attacked.

But what’s even more disconcerting is that our educational institutions are stoking the flames of racial intolerance and preaching an agenda of hatred in the name of being politically correct. Likewise they are molding young minds to think that the radical left is the only “right” way to be, think or behave.

What should concern most people though is that their children are not only being taught what the need to obtain their educations but are being bombarded with Ultra Liberal tripe meant to twist their view of what this country is all about in an effort to bring them into the fold of socialism and even communism in some cases.

This clearly isn’t what most parents want their children to be taught. Likewise, the political agendas of these professors and educational institutions aren’t required course study and are in fact a negative influence on our young people.

Last year, Trinity Professor Johnny Eric Williams wrote, “White People are Ass Holes and Need to Die!”

The College claimed that they didn’t see anything wrong with what he said and after a short hiatus which the they said was due to their investigation but actually due to Mr. Williams hiding, he was returned to full teaching duties.

What the College did not expect was that many people, Legacies who donate heavily to Trinity stopped donations and some pulled their kids out of the school.

What political correctness is doing is NOT teaching racial harmony but rather, shame and embarrassment at being Caucasian.

So, what UCONN and institutions like it are actually doing is showing that 1) There is no place for anything but liberal thinking. 2) Being white isn’t to be tolerated. And 3) Anyone who disagrees must be insane and if not, must be attacked physically and taken out.

So this is what our country has come to, those entrusted to un-biasedly teach our children are using the platform to turn them into obedient, well-educated subversive socialists.

Perhaps the conservative populous should be taking a close look at this. Yes, in electing Donald Trump they may have won the battle but by attrition they will ultimately lose the war.


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