We have borne the burden of the UN for far too long, evidence that we should look very closely at all those countries in the UN and perhaps some of our alleged fair weather allies.

We pay other countries dues, foot the bill, offer a building and some of the most expensive real estate on the planet on our dime and the UN continually goes contrary to everything we do.

The UN SHOULD be moved to another country, let someone else do what we do and prove that all these nations are TRULY united.

POTUS  Trump should should make this one of his “Easy” decisions. Clearly he believes that the United Nations is providing little to no real advances in world affairs and he also understands that there are many in the UN who are simply going along for a free ride.

One final thought is this, if the United Nations is doing such a great job and all of the countries who make it up agree, then why wouldn’t another country like the UK, Germany or France want to have is located in their own country for a period.

To truly be United, every entity who makes up the organization should take full responsibility for, provide security for and foot the bill for the others.

Its only fair, we have had the responsibility since 1945.

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