Interesting, Senator Richard Blumenthal is supporting an illegal alien in defiance of the law yet as a former AG of Connecticut and as a sitting US Senator, he swore an oath to support and uphold the law of his state and then the United States of America. He further swore under oath that he would defend the US Constitution and prosecute any person or persons who violated that law.

Now however, he has decided that grandstanding for votes in favor of his oath and performance of his job is OK.

Clearly by his actions, Mr. Blumenthal himself is a criminal violating the law of the land by being an accessory to, and in support of people who continue to violate our law and Constitution for self-serving purposes.

I tend to agree with James Woods on the subject. He said, “What is so difficult to comprehend about this issue? These people came here illegally, continue to remain in violation of the law, take advantage of the systems and benefits that should go to actual Americans and most don’t bother to make an effort to become Americans because our elected public servants by action and words are saying its ok?”

So, if anyone is wondering why we have such poor public servants, it’s because we allow them to make decisions for us when we should be telling them what we want. This is the first stage of totalitarianism.





A system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.

“Democratic countries were fighting against totalitarianism”


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