This morning I digress and decided to write about a subject other than Government, Politicians and the maddening state of our National and State affairs. Enjoy!

I awoke at my usual 5 am to my 12 year old Jack Russell Sadie staring at me making a myriad of noises indicating she needed to go outside, ah Sadie; you lucky dog the world is your toilet. I arose, donned my field jacket and off we went for a much needed constitutional.

While walking about on my lawn I pondered the similarities between our pets and ourselves and how they have become a smaller four-legged version of us.

I considered my wife’s dog, a Maltese named Pepi recently having a Spa day at John Gagnon’s Pet Resort and an upcoming annual for my dog Sadie at her personal Physician

Today, our dogs go to the spa, get their hair and nails done, have annual wellness visits, have health insurance, were recognized by the Pope as having a soul and in some states, have Rights!

I then went further and realized our expenses for our dogs and was flabbergasted at the fact that in many ways their care exceeds the expenses put upon us for similar services. Coiffed hairs, modern clothing and in Sadie’s case the many very fashionable sweaters. For a moment I found I was a bit embarrassed at the fact that I searched for weeks trying to locate a sweater in a tartan plaid thinking it would suit her being a breed from Scotland.

Clearly, the modern dog or cat really has it made when lucky enough to find a loving family to become a part of.

When we returned to the house, I went about preparing Sadie’s breakfast whilst waiting for my coffee to brew. Again as I was scooping out measured portions of freshly cooked, very lean ground beef, mashed fresh Sweet Potato, organic rice and bottled water; I paused and thought of what I was doing.

As a boy I recalled, we simply put down a massive bowl of kibble, whatever was on sale at Ben and Leo’s market, Gravy Train and other discounted brands and an equally massive bowl of tap water for Rags a mixed breed pit bull we were given by my uncle. I do not recall Rags ever going to a pet resort and his medical visits were simply for a distemper and rabies shot and once for a procedure, not his tonsils!

Now as I write this, I can see my dog Sadie on my $5500 dollar iComfort foam bed that she evidently thinks belongs to her completely forgetting the very expensive dog lounger bed I purchased for her at Orvis. I suppose she merely allows my small space on the bed to sleep but would be aghast if I were to expect her to sleep in her own bed and I would be shunned for hours if I didn’t give her a leg up onto the massive foam piece of dog heaven.

Perhaps our pets fill a void for those of us who’ve become empty nesters or those who’ve never had children but it is an interesting fact that we have begun treating our pets as we treat ourselves and subsequently, their heath and life expectancy has improved dramatically, past twenty years and beyond. Medicine for our pets has improved and research for cures have exploded into a new, huge business which has found many new medicines for them extending life and wellness.

I am waiting for the headline that the first dog to live to forty has been born!

So I guess for this morning’s thought of the day, those of us who have pets should contemplate our own interaction with our hairy friends and how they have a very large place in our homes and families.

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