This morning the “NEWS” reported that the recent raid on President Trump’s personal attorney had nothing to do with him and everything to do with the President.
It was reported that this was a “Search and Destroy” mission due to the fact that the Russia probe has now proven there was no collusion by Trump with the Russians. It went on saying the FBI was in fact conducting a raid to investigate claims of women having affairs with the current POTUS before he was in office.
First of all, almost every past president had affairs and not only prior to taking the office.
Next, a few disgraced the office carrying on right in the oval office (no named required for that one).
Further, the FBI is a police organization and should ONLY investigate high crimes which sex by consenting adults is not, last time I looked.
Clearly, the POTUS is spot on when he said that this is a witch hunt and he is also spot on when he says that he has the power to end this bullshit and fire Mueller which he should.
The FBI is completely out of control and has been since J. Edgar Hoover who was paranoid and a bit crazy, but he would never do something to bring attention to his organization. Nor would he disgrace it as the current crop of so called “heads” have done.
He would also NEVER share protected information with the press which James Comey admitted he did through a friend, in essence admitting to an indictable crime perhaps going as far as treason.
No doubt Mr. Comey knew full well that the man who preceded him, his former boss at the FBI, was now at the helm of a “Special Counsel” investigating a president who has openly accused the FBI of being corrupt and not doing its job.
The mere fact that Mueller was preciously the head of the FBI and further, not found anything wrong with Comey’s actions represent a clear indication that Mr. Mueller should have recused himself as he couldn’t be impartial.
The other point that nobody seems to see is that a Special Counsel is supposed to be entirely impartial and the fact that the FBI stated that it was a search and destroy mission against the president gives the appearance of bias and a total lack of control over his former employees at the FBI.
One should take the following, the FBI is showing its lack of control and leadership, that it is in fact corrupt, that the special counsel is too corrupt and has been from the beginning and that the true target is the current POTUS who is going against the status quo. No wonder even those Swamp Suits on the POTUS’s own side are turning, they see the end of the corruption coming signaling the end to free reign in DC.
Likely the reason Speaker Paul Ryan is exiting now, get out before force finally drains the swamp.

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