Over the last several months, we have been witness to an ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign and its possible collusion with the Russians in an effort to sway the election in favor of Mr. Trump.

The Special Counsel in this case Robert Mueller has delivered the results of his investigation and has clearly outlined that the current administration was not involved in any way with the Russians however, the investigation continues. Why?

The reason is this, Attorney General Jefferson Sessions recused himself leaving the decision to his subordinate Rod J. Rosenstein who made the decision to allow complete control to be awarded the Special Counsel to investigate what ever he finds and follow it. This action is likely the most unconstitutional action in Constitutional history, an Attorney General allowing a legal witch hunt in an effort to appease the complainant and keep his job!

This is key to the argument of term limits today! If there wasn’t the enticement of an ongoing job due to term limits, Assistant AG Rosenstein wouldn’t have a reason to subvert Constitutional law. No sane Attorney General or Judge would allow the unrestricted, ongoing investigation of any and all persons under the guises of being an investigation of one point of law, that being, Did the Trump Campaign collude with the Russians to subvert the election? No it did not, Mr. Mueller has already reported in detail that this was definitely not the case and has cleared the current administration of those allegations however, the investigation continues because the guidelines that are usually drawn by a non-corrupt Attorney General were adjusted by that individual in hopes of personal gain and holding onto his job.

This is the the most basic form of corruption in Washington today, a person making a decision that benefits him or herself over the benefit to their constituents whom they swore an oath to serve.

If ever there was clear evidence that term limits are mandatory, it’s this case and if we, the people wish to continue to enjoy the liberties of this country we need to take control of our country back from those who would sell it out for personal gain. Something to ponder when you go into the polls this November and something to demand from your congressmen if they wish to enjoy that one last term in office after term limits become the law of the land.


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