The Constitutional Hawk-
Posted on May 15, 2018

The Truth about the Clintons

“A persons values are best demonstrated by the life he lives” William Jefferson Clinton

Been reading some interesting information about Bill Clinton.

What many people seem to have forgotten (or perhaps never heard because of the media covering it up) was that Mr. POTUS Clinton fired the then acting head of the FBI William Sessions on July 19, 1993 and went on to fire EVERY United States Attorney in the country.

So, for all you folks out there talking about how horrible the current POTUS is for firing Comey, a treacherous, secret leaking piece of excrement who passes State information as easily as he does gas, give everyone a break.

Clearly, Comey is guilty of many crimes and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but won’t. Do you know why? Because he is under the protection of the Clinton Family.

Yes, the most powerful organized crime family in the USA today. The Italians and Russians pale in comparison to the outright carnage that this hillbilly mafia clan has committed and they damn near got the big chair in DC AGAIN! Whew!

It’s a miracle that they’ve gotten away with their crimes and felonious behavior for so long at the expense of so many.

Extortion, larceny, black mail, voter fraud, collusion with the enemy and yes, even murder has been committed by these back woods Mafioso and as they say, it ain’t over till its over!

Hillary is still floating around the DC circuit hoping for influence over the DNC and has a huge war chest in her Clinton Foundation with which to bribe anyone she sees fit in the name of holding onto some semblance of power.

So for all you Hillary fans out there, worry not for your messiah from Arkansas is still out there, still turning screws, still taking money from our enemies and still dangerous.

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